Family Essay : The Aspects Of My Family

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My family on the outside is definitely the kind of family people automatically have an assumption about at first glance, and I know exactly what those assumptions are, my family looks like the typical middle-class family you see every day. We’re white, average heights, looks, jobs, everything about us looks average. What people didn’t know about my family growing up and still don’t know is that my family is not necessarily average. I first noticed that my family was different when I was seven years old. My parents would argue every single day and I don’t know exactly what happened when I turned seven, but at that point in my life was like a realization moment for me, I realized that I didn’t know anyone else who had parents that would argue every day and night nonstop over nothing and everything. In sixth grade, my family switched me and my sisters to different school districts so, I ended up leaving the only elementary school I had ever known and transferring to a different elementary school in the sixth grade, I was a 12-year-old kid ready for middle school only to be moved back into an elementary school where everyone and their grandparents knew each other. I was a shy kid, uncomfortable with myself, teachers, other kids, with everybody really and unfortunately people looked at me and knew those things as well. Throughout sixth grade and junior high I was picked on at school during the day only to come home in the evening to watch my parents self-destruct. My parents
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