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Q: I see the term "wet" and "dry" steroids all over the place. What do they mean?

A: Some anabolic steroids are known as wet while others are known as dry. The easy way to remember the difference is wet steroids cause the body to retain water. Dry anabolic steroids don't as a rule cause bloating but can be very tough on the joints.

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Wet steroids:

As I said above wet steroids cause the body to retain water. This is caused because the steroid aromatase in the body and converting to estrogen. Increased estrogen causes an increase in water between the muscle cells and in turn causes a loss of definition. Wet steroids are common in bulking cycles or strength cycles due to the short term increase in bodyweight and strength. Wet steroids …show more content…

Popular for pre-contest bodybuilding due to the increase in definition. Loss of water between the muscle cells is also a loss of lubrication. Loss of lubrication causes joint pain and muscle cramps especially during intense training. Winstrol (winny) is one of the most popular dry steroids.


Both "wet" and "dry" steroids have there place. The idea is to find a proper balance and the right timing. Protect yourself and minimizing side effects should be a priority. Use of complementary compounds and practices should be investigated. Practices that would minimize side effects like increased blood pressure from wet compounds include donating blood but several others should be investigated.

Compounds that complement both "wet" and "dry" steroids include IGF-1 Lr3 the benefits are too many to fully discuss in this article but one of the most important is the decreased recovery time. IGF-1 Lr3 is also known to help with cartilage regrowth, tendon recuperation, and overall joint restoration.

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