Du Bois 's Dusk Of Dawn Essay

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Two known scholars, Du Bois and Faulkner, have both attempted to tackled the difficult questions, why is race a problem and what are some ties between race relations among blacks and whites, and economics. Du Bois’s, Dusk of Dawn, addresses these questions by giving a historical and personal account of what actually takes place behind the color line. He breaks down the idea of race as a biologically constructed fact and argues that race is socially constructed. T. Lott’s article "Du Bois and Locke on the Scientific Study of the Negro” further deconstruct the idea of race as a solely biological construction and establishes that race is can be biologically, socially, and culturally constructed. Furthermore, he explains that white society clings to the idea of race because of its ability to create caste system based on race that affords whites with exclusive economic privileges. From there, he uses a personal experience in college to further explain the connections between economic, social, and racial status and how race helps maintain a system of superiority and inferiority because of the economic motives and societal status. Du Bois better explains from a socio historical perspective how the construction of race has helped perpetuate inferiority, created economic advantages that are still present today, and how the separation of races maintains this gap; while Faulkner illustrates how these racial divides would play out in a society. Faulkner’s, Absalom, Absalom, subtly

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