Dubai creates its own History

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Dubai creates its own History Dubai celebrates its victory in the World Expo 2020.
By Amira Abdalla, student journalist, Sharjah women's college Published: January 11,2014

Image credit: The Theme of Expo2020 in Dubai

UAE/Dubai won Expo2020 on Wednesday 27th of November World Expos attract millions of visitors. 1The UAE made history when it became the first Middle Eastern nation to win the bid to host an expo.
From as far as 1851, world expos have been used to celebrate global, cultural diversities, technological innovations and also to strengthen relationships among different players. Of great importance is that expos have showcased the significance of global economies in enhancing the livelihood of the inhabitants of
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4). Dubai has to upstage this event by ensuring that the expo 2020 not only transforms the economy of the city alone, but also the whole region.

Image credit: Mohammed Bin Rashid Honours Expo 2020 Team.
Celebrating technological innovations will be one of the main attractions at the expo 2020.Some of the most visible features at the expo will be a larger blanket-like structure consisting of photovoltaic, which will not only act as a shade for the numerous visitors but will also provide more than half of the energy need for the expo (Rosenfield, 2013, p. 6).
The fact that Dubai was a last minute entry into the expo 2020 bid is an indication of its strength in hosting the prestigious event. Cities such as Turkey, Ayutthaya, and São Paulo had an early entry but Dubai was favored largely due to its Middle Eastern connection.

Image credit: Reem Al Hashemi delivers stirring speech for Dubai in Paris.

Paris: 3Reem Al Hashemi, Minister of State and Managing Director of the Higher Committee for Hosting the World Expo 2020, spoke to delegates of the Bureau International des Expositions (BIE) at the final presentations to hold the World Expo in 2020.She pledged to the audience the UAE's "assets, skills, and expertise to give Expo 2020 the weight and recognition it deserves." (Chatterjee, 2013)

In terms of the economy, the expo 2020 is expected to inject a
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