Duck Death And The Tulip Essay

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Duck, death and the tulip is a children’s book that delicately explains death. Death had been personified to help children comprehend the concept of passing away. This picture book is about how Death follows the Duck everywhere and anywhere the Duck goes. The objectified version of Death does not cause the Duck any harm or lead the Duck to death, however Death follows the Duck because death is unexpected. Although Death is objectified in this book, it’s the conscience that allows the thought of death to linger in one’s life because the Duck was illustrated to be surprised when Death had shown up. Furthermore, Death and Duck soon became friends who did activities together in which Death always felt compelled to stop such activities early because …show more content…

Because death is such a complex subject for children, Duck, Death and the Tulip is able to explain death in a lighthearted manner without excessive emotions. Furthermore, the story was able to explain the concept of death without going into too much detail of what happens after death and other beliefs. This allows children to interpret it in their own ways while comprehending the theme of the story. In continuation, I believe the illustrations affect reception because the simplistic contrasting images could have various interpretations and it is up to the person reading the content on how they would like to interpret each picture. However, the theme affects popular appeal because death as a theme for a children’s book is a sensitive topic for children to comprehend. Therefore, guardians and adults may be slightly surprised when they initially read this book because of the straightforwardness of the content. Overall, Duck, Death and the Tulip is a children’s book that effectively expresses on the topic of death. The simplistic art within every page of the book is accompanied by a contrasting symbol which allows further interpretations of the context. It is no surprise that this book has some unconventional drawings, however it will allow children to understand death in an appropriate setting. Lastly, reading this book does not lead to shocking discoveries or underwhelming boredom because Erlbruch’s drawings were paired exquisitely with the narrations as it was simply

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