Essay about Dunlop’s system theory with Fair Work Act 2009

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Dunlop’s system theory with Fair Work Act 2009 The system theory of John Dunlop is one of the traditional perspectives on the employment relationship. He trusts that if stakeholders bound together over a settled ‘web of rules’ can be seen as a distinct system in industrial relation. According to Dunlop (cited in Teicher, Holland & Gough 2006, p.34), he explains “The establishment and administration of these rules is the major concern or output of the industrial relation sub system of industrial society...”. His system theory provides the knowledge, process and practices to the employment relationship. The structure of Dunlop’s system theory which mainly contain four elements, 1) The Actors in a system, 2) The…show more content…
Dunlop’s system theory is the first theory can be apply in enterprise, industry and national level and it still be accepted to interpret industrial relation (Petzall, Abbott, & Timo 2007). Fair Work Act (FWA) is passed by federal parliament on 20 March 2009 and it provides a ‘one stop shop’ for information, advice and assistance, and use the workplace law to settle dispute within Australia. To prevent any circumstance that can come to harm of the community. This essay is mainly focus on demonstrate the web of rules in Dunlop’s system theory by identifying the FWA in two sectors: procedural rules and substantive rules with provide the evidence to apply those rules. The National Employment Standards (NES) According to Teicher, Holland, & Gough (2006), substantive rules are used to lead to the terms and conditions of the employment contract and govern the relationship between employer and employee. FWA (2009, part 2-2, division 3-12) lists 10 matters covered by the NES are: maximum weekly hours of work, requests for flexible working arrangements, parental leave, annual leave, personal/carer’s leave and compassionate leave, community service leave, long service leave, public holidays, notice of termination and redundancy pay and Fair Work Information Statement. Those provisions are applying a safety net to all of the employees, and all national system employers will have to obey. For settle
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