During The Early Stages Of World War Ii (1939-1945), The

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During the early stages of World War II (1939-1945), the Japanese Empire attacked the United States naval base at Pearl Harbor; this atrocity that the Japanese committed caused an increase in distrust and resentment towards the Japanese who lived within the United States. Such agitation leads to the creation of internment camps where the United States government placed individuals of Japanese descent for the remainder of the war as a preemptive method to isolate and contain the Japanese—limiting the possibility of another attack on American soil. Through these internment camps, the United States government was able to question and determine the loyalty of the Japanese as a method of identifying non-loyalist amongst the internment camp…show more content…
Throughout these interrogations, opinionative questions were asked, such as: views on the Pearl Harbor attack and if there would be any resistance in recruiting and drafting their children, for instance, Papa’s children, to help the United States and effort to stop Japan (QUOTE). These interrogations serve two purposes, apart from identifying one’s loyalty, it also served as, a method to dispose of those who did not align with the United States objective—stopping Japan. For Papa, throughout the interrogation process, Papa expressed neutrality on both sides—showing both equal remorse and pain for the acts each side has committed. However, although being primarily neutral, in regards to military recruitment via his children, Papa is highly against this. Justifying such statement on the grounds that: due to his consistent neutrality in relation to the war, if Papa were to agree with his children being drafted, it aids the U.S. military and simultaneously surrendering his loyalty to the United States. Therefore, although Papa showed negativity in response to military drafting, the United States determined that Papa is no threat to the United States, and has no allegiances to the Japanese Empire—allowing for him to be released.

Although to the United States Papa is no longer deemed as a threat and is released, this
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