Dutch Impact On Indonesia

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The Dutch had an impact on Indonesia artistically throughout its 400-year reign. The Dutch were the first westerners to actually colonize Indonesia and the Dutch brought Western European culture and influences in Indonesia. The Dutch impacted Indonesia’s tradition with incorporating many different events such as “ Christmas, Easter, New year, and the celebration of Birthdays.” (Quora par.5). The Dutch also brought in many foods and culinary techniques which were used in Indonesian food such as “Butter, Bread, Cheese, and Ice cream” (Quora, par.2). Many Musical elements and instruments were also brought in Indonesia such as the “Violin, Cello, Guitar, and Piano” (Quora, par. 7). Indonesia’s culture has been massively impacted by the Dutch and …show more content…

Technically it’s not the Dutch that ruled Indonesia but “VOC” a “Dutch commercial empire and became the paramount power of the archipelago” (Britannica par.1). In the 17th century there were 3 western European countries looking to colonize and take over Indonesia, the Portuguese, The British, and The Dutch. “ It (the dutch) captured Malacca from the Portuguese(1641), confined the British to a factory in Bengkulu and established a network of factories in the eastern islands” (Brittanica par. 3).“The Dutch trading company has been a major power in Asian trade since the early 1600s” (Indonesia-investments par.1). The Europeans were driven by a new imperialism-mentality and the “European nations were competing for colonies outside the European continent for both economic motives and status.” (Indonesia-investments par.11). The Dutch did not have intentions of making a better country or improving Indonesia as a whole but instead the Dutch just took apart Indonesia, with its Spice and crops and in Dark times around the Javanese war when the Dutch were in financial burden they imposed taxing laws on the Indonesians and wanted the Indonesians to sell all their crops and sell all of what they own. “the Dutch state income generated from the Javanese colony- reached about 33 percent” (Indonesia- investments par. 23). The Dutch created a super- empire that ruled …show more content…

“The Dutch did not care and was direct and forceful in their rule” (Colin par.3). The Indonesian were silent and had no voice because “The people of Indonesia had no say in the government at all, and were forced to do their European masters’ bidding for the most part.” (Colin par.3). The Dutch were more lenient to the Indonesians towards the end of their rule “tranisitioning more, and higher-class Indonesians became more involved in government”. Which was one of the reasons that Indonesia was granted its freedom. One of the major negative impacts of The Dutch’s rule on Indonesia’s politics was that in the beginning “they gave the Indonesians no say in the government- Indonesians didn’t get to pick and choose their allies or have any say in their international relations” (Colin par.3). However, the Dutch didn’t provide the most optimal system of government towards the end the Dutch “Steered the Indonesians in the right direction from their future systems of government.” Colin (par.3). The major part of it is the allowance of upper-class Indonesian people being allowed to have a voice and people such as Soekarno the first president of Indonesia were part of that upper-class planning a revolution and planning the Demise of the VOC. “I hate imperialism. “I detest colonialism- and the world as a whole, shall not be the play thing of one small corner of the world” (Soekarno). The Dutch’s rule

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