Dynamics Of Modern News Industry

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Dynamics of contemporary news industry is complex and challenged as almost all aspects of gathering, producing, delivery and reception is changing (BBC 2015b; Franklin 2014). Any technological changes occurring in an era will affect the publics it served (Pavlik 2000). Technology has always affected journalism since its beginning. The use of telegram and then telephone besides other inventions as part of news processes are examples of previous journalistic adaptation of technologies into its practice. Similar to other earlier forms of technology that have altered journalism in the past, the arrival of the Internet and the technologies it carry has further enhanced contemporary journalism.

Media convergence is a phenomenon where communication technologies, computer networks and media content merge as a consequence of digitalisation of media and popularisation of the web (Flew n.d.). Media convergence and digitalisation occurring within Internet technologies emphasizes two pivotal factors between Internet technologies to date compared to previous. Firstly, Internet’s latest technologies gave way to increased news speed (Pavlik 2000; Juntunen 2010) and alters many facets of journalism in methods of news gathering, production, distribution and consumption (BBC 2015b). Various media are connected to one another allowing easy accessibility, connectivity and dissemination of information upon real-time happenings. Enhanced connectivity and easy accessibility to information

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