E-Cigarettes Should Be Banned

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In recent times, cigarettes and tobacco products have been on the decline. Their grip has diminished to the extent that indoor smoking is not allowed in most public places any more. When comparing this to the early twentieth century, where smoking was the norm, large leaps have been made to prohibit the influence of tobacco. However, a new smoking device is on the horizon. E-cigarettes, also known as vaping, is gaining huge traction, especially amongst the youth. This could destroy much of the progress that has been made, as it is deemed acceptable by many because it is labeled as less dangerous. While E-cigs contains far less toxins and harmful chemicals than traditional tobacco cigarettes, they are far from safe. In today’s world just about …show more content…

Youths generally know that tobacco is bad, they have been taught their entire life that smoking is harmful. However, E-cigarettes are promoted as safe and different from tobacco. E-cigarettes contain water vaper amongst several other chemicals rather than Tobacco leaves. Additionally, E-cigarettes can come with many different flavors and designs; These kinds of advocations have been very affective amongst the youth. Danny McGoldrick from the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids believes that "[the] biggest concern is safety, and the potential appeal to kids given the flavors and the gadgetry factor,” (Hahn). Youth are drawn to E-cigarettes and it could pose an issue, it could mean the revival of smoking. E-cigarettes also don’t have as many restrictions put on them as tobacco products. Youth can potentially just go online or to the mall to buy e-cigarettes. E-cigarettes also have the capability to undermine all the progress that has been made against Tobacco products. E-cigarettes are not nearly as bad for people as Tobacco is, but it is still dangerous. If more and more Youth go down the path to E-cigarette smoking, then all the effort to fight smoking may have been in

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