Essay on E-Commerce and Technology in Different Sectors

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1.E Commerce facilities: 2.Technologies in education sector: 3.Technology in Agriculture: 4. Technology in the Health Sector 5.Expansion of Industries 1.E Commerce facilities: E Commerce or banking through internet is not a new concept.Apart from the government ones the private sectors have also emerged quite nicely.All the leading privale banks such as DBBL,BRAC Bank,Standard Chartard,HSBC,Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited.AB Bank Limited etc has introduced online banking system.This process includes not only savings or investments,but also online marketing through VISA,Master Card.For any time cash outing ATM booths are available.This booths are 24/7 operated and fully technology controlled. To aid…show more content…
3.Technology in Agriculture: Although performing agricultural work in the root level have access to information through electronic system.These informationa are provided through mobile calls and internet.These informations can significantly help improving production.New machines and technology are used nowadays to plough land,set seeds,cleaning unwanted plants,reaping up,storing of product which tends to get rotten.For such development production level has gone up significantly. 4.Technology In Health Sector: Newly introduced systems are widely used in Bangladesh to diagnose diseses.All modern machines used for these purposes are still not available here,but the extent to which it is available is because of ICT development.Healh tips atr widely advertised through media.Services are provided in emergency situation through mobile as well. 5.Expansion of Industries: The Technology industry is a new sector in the country's economy. Though it is yet to make noticable contributions in the national economy, it is an important industry. The Bangladesh Association of Software and Information Services (BASIS) was established in 1997 as the national trade body for software and IT service industry. Starting with only 17 member companies, by 2013 membership had grown to 453. In a recent study among Asian countries by JICA Bangladesh was
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