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Name: Jun Qi Professor: Jeen S. Lim Course: EBUS4040 Date: Oct 5, 2012 Describe the insight generation process used at Ben & Jerry’s. What benefits did Ben & Jerry’s achieve from utilizing the process? Identify Ben & Jerry’s various Websites and social media networks and assess its online and social media presence. What recommendations can you make to Ben % Jerry to improve their management of online presence and social media activities? Ben & Jerry is using BI(Business intelligence) tools to track all of their ingredients so when a customer calls with a concern or questions they can look up that specific pint of ice cream and where all the ingredients came from and correct this issue. They are using BI…show more content…
In addition, the organization asks its customers and website visitors for input. This request gives customers "buy-in" or product input that would make the customer feel more a part of Ben & Jerry's business; thus, making the customer more apt to buy the product. The company using its web site to build relationships with its customers by providing interactive pages; create a flavor suggestions; fun craft section; gift shop; ice cream by mail; the way the web site is developed (user friendly, fun, a bit cartoony, informative, bright colors.); an appeals to a wide range of demographics. Also, when a customer makes a flavor suggestion, they receive an email (immediately) from the site letting the customer know that the suggestion has been received. Customers were tired of e-mails from B & J, it hurting the brand. B & J would be focusing more on communication via social media. Instead of multiple e-mails to communicate with their ice cream lovers, they need focusing their efforts on the 1.3 million fans they have on Facebook & Twitter. B & J can develop game about ice-cream on the twitter and Facebook. It

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