E Waste Management

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E-Waste Management in Pakistan Zaigham Abbas Technical Officer (Chemicals) Ministry of Environment Government of Pakistan Regional Workshop on WEEE/E-Waste Management, 6 - 9 July 2010, Osaka, Japan 1 INTRODUCTION OF ORGANIZATION Ministry of Environment is responsible for National Environment Policy, Planning and International Environment Coordination. 2 PAKISTAN: STATUS OF ENVIRONMENT  Constitution of the Pakistan Environmental Protection Council (PEPC) headed by the Prime Minister of Pakistan is the highest forum responsible for strategic policy decision in environment and sustainable development Establishment of Federal & Provincial Environmental Protection Agencies (EPA), Enacted the Pakistan Environmental…show more content…
  Management of Mercury & Mercury containing Waste Project (2009-10). 11 Electronic Waste in Pakistan  In Pakistan, the computers and other obsolete electronic goods are imported under the pretext of 'second-hand equipment. A small percentage of the items imported are usable. In practice, after removing the working machines and usable parts, the bulk of the consignment is sent to the recycling industry Hundreds of workers, including teenage children, earn their livelihoods by dismantling the electronic scrap and extracting valuable components E-waste has Environmental repercussions of the various highly toxic elements like lead, cadmium, barium, mercury and chromium which are released during the dismantling of these used computers. There is no proper system to recycle and dispose e-waste in Pakistan, which is a serious issue. 12    Electronic Waste in Pakistan  The circuit boards originate from all over the world, including the US, Kuwait, Australia, Japan and the UK. Only 2 percent of the computers can be reused; for the remaining computers, all of the metals and plastics are taken out to be re-sold, according to Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition and Basel Action Network. All of the work is done by hand and no protective equipment is used Sorting is done and only 15 to 40 per cent of these computers can be used and the rest is recycled. The go-downs working condition
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