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Graded Assignment
Lab Report
Answer the questions below. When you are finished, submit this assignment to your teacher by the due date for full credit. You may type in the answers, but you will need to print this lab report to draw the epicenter.
In this laboratory experiment, you will be working as an amateur seismologist to locate the epicenter of a fictional earthquake. Your task will involve interpreting seismograms from three seismograph stations; determining the difference in time between the arrival of the P waves and arrival of the S waves from the earthquake; using a travel-time graph to determine how far each seismograph station is from the epicenter; and using the technique of triangulation to pinpoint the …show more content…

Locate a seismograph station on the map.
2. Locate the scale on the map.
3. Placing your drafting compass point at 0 on the scale and the compass pencil at the proper distance for a seismograph station. Then, place your compass point on the seismograph station and draw a circle around the station. Make sure the circle has a radius equal to the distance between the station and the epicenter.
4. The line

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