Early Childhood Observation Report

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2. Rationale: The class has recently discussed about the five senses (smell, hear, taste, look and touch) this week. To reinforce the topic of five senses, the children will be introduced to sensory boxes. These boxes will contain several familiar objects and textures for the children. (Cotton balls, beads, sea salt, water, play sand, and gak)
3. Concept:
• Touch is one of our five senses
• Sense of touch is spread throughout the whole body by nerves
• There are four kinds of touch sensations that can be identified: cold, heat, contact, and pain.
4. NYS Common Core Standards: Domain 2 Physical Development 1 A, 1C, Domain 4- Science- Scientific Thinking 1A, Physical Properties 6A
5. Learning outcomes: At the end of this activity the children
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a. Motivation: Hand out scented wax cubes to the children, have them smell, touch and obverse the wax cubes
b. Introduction: By raising your hand, can anyone tell us about your wax cube? Using your senses, how does it feel? Smell? Look? Does it make a noise?
c. Activity:
• Take all 6 index cards and draw and question mark on each one.
• Glue the question marks on the front of the tissue boxes.
• Place play sand into one empty tissue box, continue doing this with the beads, gak, cotton balls, sea salt and water.
• Line tissue boxes on a table with the question marks facing towards the children and ask the kids if they know what the symbol on the boxes are (question marks).
• Place samples of play sand, water, gak, sea salt, beads, and cotton balls on the paper plate in front of the children, so the children can compare them.
• Have each child come up, pick a box, and place their hands into the box
• Ask the students how does the object inside the box feel?
• Without removing the object in the box, ask the children make a guess on which item they think they were touching from the samples on the
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