Early Cognitive Abilities Of Infants

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Early cognitive abilities in infants are critical because they are building blocks of later cognition, and executive functioning (Rose, Feldman, & Jankowski, 2016). To further development and have health mental health, caregivers and parents need to provide a secure environment where infants can engage in a number of activities. Research show that social interactions between infants and caregivers are critical for a wide range of human activities, including language learning Grossmann (2015). Additionally, socially integration with others is essential for healthy infant development and functioning throughout their lives Grossmann (2015). Numerous evidence shows that early experiences in language, reading, and emotional regulations in …show more content…

Murray and Egan (2014) state that the average age for parents to begin reading to infants is between 7 months and 9 months. Reading to pre-school-age children can make starting school easier by providing a head start in literacy and increased cognitive functioning (Murray & Egan, 2014). A beneficial advantage of literacy is that it may be retained in later childhood and adulthood. Murray and Egan (2014) reference a study conducted by the Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children (ALSPAC). The researchers in this study found that as part of a child’s early communication environment, the number of books infants at 6 months own, this is a predictor of their expressive language at 24 months (Murray & Egan, 2014). In addition to expressive language, the child 's school entry assessment is also a predictor (Murray & Egan, 2014). In another study referenced by Murray and Egan (2014), a study by DeBaryshe (1995) concluded that early reading has a positive impact on children. Research has shown that when parents and caregivers read to younger children it has a greater effect than reading to older children in the promotion of literacy skills (Murray & Egan, 2014. Reading to young children helps children develop social skills such as listening and interacting with an adult. Reading to children promotes joint attention, which is

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