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Early Education Amanda Rodriguez Central Texas College Author Note Research paper written for ECON 2301, Central Texas College, Professor Betty Jones. Correspondence concerning this research paper should be addressed to Amanda Rodriguez Email: Abstract While higher education obtained through college remains highly sought after to initiate stable career paths, the early education received by children during the first eight years is just as crucial to this development. Research spanning decades proves that a lack of a primitive education is the equivalent of renouncing a benefit that contributes to the basis of a successful future. This paper discusses the importance of early education, opportunity cost …show more content…

Allowing the youth of America to learn and benefit from others whom are certified in education will prove to be rewarding in more ways than one. Despite being aware of the positive effects of receiving an early education, and the negative connotations that come with intentionally denying one of such an opportunity, many parents remain skeptical. Although early education programs are intended to benefit the child and start them on the path for adulthood, parents will also benefit from these programs because it will allow them to better manage their time around careers and other obligations. Participating in an early education program will help prompt good grades, which encourages an abundance of opportunities in any chosen field of study. This helps create jobs which in turn help our economy as a whole, and may even reduce crime rates. Educated citizens help ensure that our nation progresses to a more inviting society that promotes equality across all races, and genders. As expressed by Steve Barnett (2014), “These are the people who are going to be paying for our Social Security. These are the people who will be defending our country.” It is imperative that the upcoming generation have the sufficient means of education in order to evoke the change that we need to succeed as a nation in years to

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