Early Childhood Teacher Research Paper

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As an educator, I have strived to develop academic, social and emotional competencies in my students through creating a positive, enthusiastic and nurturing classroom environment with ample opportunities for hands-on experiences. I am passionate about fostering confident and curious lifelong learners by providing all students with opportunities to succeed in the classroom. I believe the role of a Early Childhood teacher is to address the necessary balance between academic facilitation within the classroom, and promoting a broadened cultural understanding of the world outside the classroom as a global citizen. To encourage each child to be themselves and help them gain self-esteem. Also, as a bilingual speaker I strongly believe in the importance of foreign language and cultural diversity, especially within the minds of young, developing learners.
In my career, I have created
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My role as a teacher is to continue to find ways to make this happen every day for these children and to take the time to learn more about the diversity I teach for and provide lessons that cater to each culture to help learn more about each other. Other important aspects of my role are to ensure the children are always safe not only while in my care but also while they are at home by conducting home visits and allowing time to communicate with parents. Being a teacher has highly impacted my life and view on children. Teaching is truly self-rewarding, seeing how much the children grow and learn is amazing. I truly love being a part of their learning adventure and providing them the guidance they need to succeed. I look forward to continuing my education and continuing to provide my services to children to help them lead successful happy
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