Earth Clinic Research Paper

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Earth Clinic provides natural cures for different health conditions. You can easily search their website through different ailment conditions or through the natural remedies available. The site does not only cater to human needs though as they also provide a list of natural remedies for different pet conditions.
The website name says it all. Natural Cures is a private online community intended for natural health and living. It provides more than 300 tried and tested natural remedies as well as thousands of articles, interviews, videos and natural health strategies that you can learn from.
Troy Sawyer, founder and chief editor of the website, has been involved with health and fitness for …show more content…
This website offer a lot of natural home remedies intended for treatment of different ailments and diseases. There are also several articles featuring female and men’s health as well as general fitness.
Grandma’s Home Remedies is known around the world for their holistic and natural healing articles. They provide many home remedies intended for both humans, pets, and even other household problems such as fleas and flies. The website is user-friendly and engaging making you love it more once you visit the site.
Homemade Medicine is a website that provides homemade recipes using natural products for the treatment of different diseases and disorders. The ingredients being used in these natural recipes are usually found in fruits and vegetables or in herbal compounds making the remedies as natural as possible.
20. if you are looking for an ayurvedic treatment, you can never go wrong with Homeveda website. The website offers all natural ayurvedic practices that can help you with any health problems that you may be suffering

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