Earth Is Flat Essay

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A YouTube video published by YouTube user Jeranism calls out government and NASA. The video also questions the Earth as a flat surface, rather than a spherical globe as we all have been taught since childhood. The YouTube video also shows ISS live feed from NASA, as well as pre-packaged videos released by NASA and the government. Jeranism claims that the Earth is flat, and anyone who sides with those beliefs either works for the CIA or is paid by some other association with an alternative agenda. Is the Earth actually flat? Could the spherical globe we all spun in classrooms be the biggest sham ever? Probably not, but the video brings up a few interesting questions.

Are NASA and the Government Lying?

Well, it is tough to say, since the majority of us have yet to travel off the planet on a SpaceX mission to Mars. The YouTube video shares a few flat-earther points of view. One major point flat-earthers make is the relevance to the human senses. Many flat-earthers believe that the Earth being flat simply makes more sense. The YouTube commentary details how walking on Earth is a more flat experience sense wise. We don’t feel spinning, which can be attributed to gravity, or lies about gravity. NASA and the government definitely have their secrets, but the earth being flat seems to be a long …show more content…

You can pretty much upload any information with a video portraying anything, as long as it is not offensive material under law or legal terms of use. Many people use YouTube to promote themselves, their creativity, ideas, and conspiracies. Is the earth actually flat? Who really knows? Except for the lucky astronauts who have had the amazing experience of launching into space, the rest of us Earthlings are stuck with what we are all taught. Could astronauts and government officials speak out about such a massive cover up? Yes, and it would have been leaked by a hacker by now, unless said hacker was assassinated before he or she could share the

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