Earth Science Class Vs Movie Twister Comparison

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Earth Science Class vs The Movie Twister Comparisons

Throughout the movie Twister, directed by Jan de Bont, we learned that the movie provides simularites and differences between what we learned in earth science class and the movie Twister. For example, in the movie Twister, the characters talk about weather as being revolved around climate change that involves swirl winds, wind speed changes, temperature changes, cloud changes, and precipitation changes. In earth science class though, we learned weather is a short abbreviation for the state of the atmosphere which constantly changes at a given time and place. In earth science class we learned that storm chasers are reporters who go out to specific places like Daytona Beach, Florida, and report plus broadcast breaking news of storms that
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We also learned In earth science class that tornadoes typically are more likely to form when the sky is covered with cumulonimbus or towering cumulus clouds. However, in the Twister movie, we learned that often times meteorologists as well as forecasters will use lifted index's to pin point a tornados whereabouts. Also in the Twister movie, we learned that tornados are often times formed from funnel clouds created by cumulonimbus or towering cumulus clouds. Another thing we learned from the Twister movie is that a water spout happens when tornados crosse over water and the water then begins the get sucked up into the tornados suck zones forming a water spout. In addition, in the movie Twister we also learned about Sister Tornados which typically spawn next to an already occurring tornado. Most Importantly, in both earth science class, and the movie Twister, we learned about the Fujita Scale which is a scale that classifies rating tornado intensity, based primarily on the damage tornados inflict on human-built structures and vegetation. The Fujita Scale if rated F1-F5 with F5 being the most strongest and most severe tornados,
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