Earthquakes : A Product Of Transform Faulting

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Earthquakes: A Product of Transform Faulting
It happens so suddenly, with no warning. You are standing in your living room and the floor starts to rumble beneath your feet. Objects begin falling off of the shelves and you have lost your balance. It seems so unexpected and catches you off guard, whenever you realize that an earthquake has just occurred.
Earthquakes are a phenomena that most of the population have not been able to understand. We are a society who needs realistic answers and concrete evidence on scientific occurrences. People are constantly asking questions about what causes earthquakes, what are the processes of an earthquake, how can they be detected, and how can we be forewarned of their arrival.
Throughout this paper, each of those questions will be answered. Scientists have been able to study earthquakes in significant amounts and they have concocted a variety of answers. Although earthquakes are essentially an abstract concept to society, scientists have done their best to provide us with many understandable conclusions.
What causes earthquakes? There are two valid answers to that question: plate tectonics and volcanic activity. The earth is made up of many different tectonic plates. At each one of these plate boundaries is some sort of activity, such as: subduction, sea floor spreading, continental rifting, collision, and transform faulting.
Subduction and collision occurs at convergent plate boundaries. Convergent plates come together and one

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