Eating At A Restaurant Is An Assumption Of Someone Good Or Bad?

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Even as I was growing up I always told myself do not judge someone because you do not know their story. I believe that it is part of our human nature even when you don 't want to that you make an assumption of someone weather good or bad. Even if this happens maybe it is best to keep your thoughts to yourself to keep from hurting someones feelings. You may not think this but you can assume a lot about a person by the way and what they eat, by the way they dress, what their overall appearance is. When I go out to eat at a restaurant it depends on how I feel what I eat, I may get a salad because I was splurging during the day. I may want to get a big juices burger it just depends on how I am feeling. In the case of judging people by what they eat I normally make an assumption much like mine. If they want a salad they feel the need to have a salad they may enjoy eating salad. If they want fired wings its what they think sounds good to them at the time. I really don’t make an overall judgement on people by what they eat, its what their food pallet enjoys. Some people enjoy putting ketchup in the mac and cheese, or syrup on their eggs. Its what they think taste good don 't judge them until you actually try it, you might actually like it. Some people like fish, I do not I still do not judge them thinking their gross or weird because its something I don 't like. Different cultures eat different things, some cultures eat bugs and if that is what they do, thats what they do, I

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