Eating Christmas In The Kalahari Analysis

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In the article written by Richard Borshay Lee, titled Eating Christmas in the Kalahari, Lee wants to provide an ox for the Christmas feast. Lee takes his time in picking the perfect ox that will provide enough meat for all the kung people. After looking for the perfect ox Lee is sure that his ox will have enough meat to feed all the kung people, but surprisingly the kung people tell him otherwise. When Lee is told that the ox isn’t going to be enough for the village people he becomes worried, but soon finds out there true meaning as to what they mean by when they tell him that the ox is too small. Which teaches Lee a lesson that everyone can learn from. For many of us the holidays are very special to us. It’s a time were our family gets together and enjoy each other’s company. We make a special dinner and sometimes even set up the table in a special manner, but in other cultures the holidays are just like any other day because they always have a feast. Lee states, “For the big black ox was to be the one totally generous, unstinting act of my year at /ai/ai and I was quite unprepared for the reaction I received” (18). In other words, sometimes people think that they are doing a good deed, but in other cultures they are looked as being arrogant individuals. Which brings into mind how each relationship between humans and the environment are different. What might seem like a big deal to one culture doesn’t necessary have to mean the same to another culture. During my

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