Eating Disorders : A Young Woman Sits At The Table

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A young woman sits at the table, her untouched food unnoticed by her peers. Besides, what is the significance of one or two skipped meals? Another young woman slips away after dinner and shuts the bathroom door. The hiss of the running shower drowns out the sounds of her purging. Is something an issue if it goes unseen? There are some who would brush these questions aside. However, negative eating attitudes and behaviors have escalated into widespread suffering of eating disorders. In fact, the National Institute for Mental Health reported that 25% of all college students are victims of either anorexia nervosa or bulimia. Anorexia nervosa, commonly referred to as “Ana”, is an eating disorder characterized by extreme restriction or complete avoidance of food. On the other hand bulimia, nicknamed “Mia”, is distinguished by binging and purging. These disorders are far from insignificant, because they are much more than a few skipped meals and unseen purges. Eating disorders, which have become a deadly epidemic, are fed by unrealistic social expectations, are encouraged by firmly rooted pro “Ana” and “Mia” communities, and are often found coinciding with other mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety, both of which are common among college students. Society is a finicky critic. Around every corner there is an advertisement or magazine cover offering a basis for beauty. This beauty is skinny. It is flawless skin, slender thighs, and flat stomachs. Most of all it is…
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