Eating Disorders Affecting Our Image of Beauty; Research Paper

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When Looking at a well know published magazine like Vogue, Glamour, and Top Model, they all show beautiful women with extraordinary beauty and amazing sense of style and fashion. But when looking at the models, do they really resemble the average women reading these magazines that the ads and articles are intended for? Women and men are going through great lengths hurting themselves to achieve such figures that the magazines show as beautiful. These people suffer from eating disorders are starving themselves or eating then purging to get rid of the food. These are serious and isn’t something that can simply be stopped by just eating a normal diet again. On the other side of the spectrum there are people that have another type of eating …show more content…
In a journal entry G.N Hidayah and A.H. Syahrul Bariah wrote, “Eating Attitude, Body Image, Body Composition and Dieting Behavior among Dancers”. They discovered eating disorders among dancers was common and a problem they struggle with. 23 dancers at the studio took the survey. The survey was broken down asking question on diet habits, and other eating disorder symptoms. 22 said that they constantly think about weight and shape. 18 of the dancers are afraid of weight gain. 11 said that they have dieted to lose weight. 4 said they have vomited or have taken diet pills to get rid of weight. 20 have said that they have tried exercising to get rid of weight (Hidyah and Bariah). The information presented shows that the dancers have conflicts with their bodies for reasons of their own. What’s important to notice from the data collected is the dancers have a set image that they see they should be otherwise a large percentage of them wouldn’t have been afraid of gaining weight or afraid of their weight. None of the were diagnosed with an eating disorder but symptoms where present in the data and should be made aware.
A person doesn’t just get this disorder. An eating disorder builds after an extended period of time. In the beginning of the disorder

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