Eating Disorders Among Teens And Adolescents

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Eating Disorders in Teens
In this generation teenagers fight the everyday struggle of wanting to be perfect. Perfection sells in modern society, with perfection being plastered everywhere, people feel the pressure of having to change their appearance. When looking at television and movies women and men see the ideal model of what the world believes they should look like. This long term process of seeing what you are expected to look like can cause emotional and physical problems such as eating disorders. When looking at such a large amount of people that have to cope with either Anorexia or Bulimia, about forty percent of the females with Anorexia are between the ages of fifteen and nineteen years old ("Eating Disorders Statistics"). About another forty-two percent of girls that are in the first and third grade are wanting to be thinner ("Eating Disorders Statistics"). Teenagers living with eating disorders experience many life-altering emotional, mental and physical changes.
A patient with anorexia nervosa, or shortened as “anorexia”, has a distorted body image and an exaggerated fear of becoming overweight or obese, so a deliberate effort is made to lose weight (Nordqvist) .When looking at the physical appearance of people dealing with anorexia you will see someone who is underweight and unhealthy. Some individuals will also try to lose more weight because of their psychological state of mind. Those with this disorder or disease have increased sensitivity to gaining
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