Eating Disorders

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The rise of clinically diagnosed cases of anorexia nervosa nervosa and bulimia nervosa nervosa are increasing over the decades. According to Barlow,Durand and Stewart(2012), eating disorders are found to be more prevalent among women, specifically between the ages of 12 and 25 years of age. Prior to modern research, researchers saw eating disorders as a Western phenomenon due to the fact that non western countries did not have such a wide variety of food available to them. This perspective is now changing. Individuals in other countries (non-western) have been diagnosed with eating disorders as well, however it is not as frequent as the United States or Canada for example(Barlow et al., 2012). The purpose of the paper is to describe…show more content…
With that said, women go to drastic measures such as following a strict diet in order to obtain the “ideal body image”. Eyal &Te’eni-Harari (2013), describe the ways in which the media portrays thin people and bigger individuals. Heavier character on TV shows appear to be unattractive and or not sexually desirable. Another key point that was brought from Eyal & Te’eni-Harari’s (2013) article is that women have been proven to unconsciously compare themselves to other women especially those that they praise(models/celebrities). With this knowledge, it is fair to place some blame on the media and its “thin unattainable ideal” and its influence on women and their low self-esteem which in turn may cause an eating disorder (Eyal & Te’eni-Harari 2013). In the article “Eating and Body Image Disturbances Across Cultures: A Review” by Soh, Touyz & Surgenor (2006), the authors suggested the possibility of the Western culture influenced the Non- Western into adapting the “ideal of thinness”. For the reason that Non-Western cultures valued “thickness” prior to thinness. They also stated that eating disorders other wise known as “non- eating disorders”have been prevalent in other non-westernized countries for centuries (Soh et al., 2006). These researchers also encountered a finding that suggested acculturation of western society played a large role in the non- western world to adopt western traditions
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