Eating Habits Essay

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1.1 Introduction

Conduct research on Eating Habits among Degree KPTMKL Student and Its implication Toward Learning. Generally, dietary habits affect our health. The body needs a balanced supply of nutrients to remain healthy. Many nutrients are obtained through food, among which are vitamins, minerals, protein and carbohydrates. Foods that serve as fuel for energy supplies needed for our daily activities and allows systems in the body to function properly. Instead, practice and eating patterns. Unhealthy will give a serious threat to human physical and mental health. For example, according to the Cook-Cottone and Distria (2005), children and adolescents consider the shape and size of the ideal body is important. They will try to get the desired shape
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The respondent for this research from degree student at KPTM Kuala Lumpur. Degree student from CU202, CU200, CU203 and CU204 from all course and all degree student in KPTM Kuala Lumpur. A balanced diet should be adopted to ensure one's body to function normally, especially among students. Healthy eating affects concentration and learning in the classroom to help students improve concentration while studying. Foods that give energy to build the body, and can be away from us from getting the disease. Healthy eating is an important factor towards health and should be fostered among teenagers, especially students In addition, a balanced diet can prevent an impaired mental development. Lack of certain nutrients can make the mental one is not smart enough. Condition also causes us to feel tired. It also makes one think he failed to solve the problem, especially when the learning process.

1.4 Research objectives

General objective Identifying nutrition practices among students in degree
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