Essay on Ebay Target Market

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When looking at eBay’s target market, the segmentation of users appears to be majority males, ranging from 25-34 years old. Over half of the users don’t have kids and also lack college experience. The majority of the people are Caucasian and have a household income of $100,000. After looking at this information there are some good opportunities that eBay could capitalize on.
First, a good target market would be the “Baby Boomer” generation. This generation’s age demographic falls into the 45-64 year range which makes up about 30% of internet usage in the United States. With the rise of smart phone technology, even the Baby Boomers are catching on to the trend. Roughly about 15% of smart phone users are over 55 years old and with the …show more content…

If this doesn’t work, then eBay advises to escalate it to an eBay Customer Support Specialist. If the ordered item is still not received, eBay will then refund the item and shipping costs by depositing funds into the buyer’s PayPal account. eBay needs to focus on several issues to become more competitive. One issue is the fact that their competitors, like Amazon, make website purchases less difficult. On Amazon a customer can make a quick buy instead of having to bid on an item, wait for the auction to end, and then see if they won the auction. Another issue for eBay is the customer’s perception that scams are more likely on their site since purchases involve individuals and not companies. Even though eBay has the buyer protection plan to counter this idea, some customers might still shy away because they do not want to take a chance of having to go through the dispute resolution process in case it is a scam. When looking at Amazon’s return policy, they back their buyers 100%. If the buyer is not satisfied with the product or it doesn’t match the description that was on the website, Amazon will give the buyer a full refund. Looking at this from a buyer’s perspective, it makes purchasing more convenient to return a product as opposed to having to track down the buyer and trying to work out a resolution. I think that if eBay changes the protection policy and would

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