Ebola Emergency Response Strategy Analysis

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Ebola Emergency Response Strategy
Community is an interconnected group of persons living in a given locality. Communities have identical social pattern. Public health awareness is an aggregate obligation of the entire society. Ebola can be managed by the assertion that the community holds that they are together and have been hit by a common catastrophe (Winkworth 5). Community can be organised into well-defined groups in order as to achieve the health objective. The use of Laveracks approach therefore is a reliable strategic approach, which can be used to implement community health programs in the fight of Ebola.
Laverack’s strategic approach
Laverack developed a five-continuum of community empowerment. These continuums have, however, been widely used in Australia during emergency times, where they proved effective. They include: personal action, small groups, community organization, partnership and social and political action (Laverack 63). The continuums are built on the basis of community empowerment. The continuums can be used effectively in the management of Ebola by ensuring participation of every element in the community in ascending order. Ebola is a lethal pandemic, it requires an efficient strategy built from the basic foundation of the community and therefore the bottom-up built on Laveracks approach is more effective as discussed below.
Personal action
Laverack described the approach of personal action as the building of greater sense of

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