Eco Friendly And Edible Silverware

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Allie Lyda
period 5/6
Eco-Friendly/ Edible Silverware
Our environment has a lot of problems with waste that we create and it is getting more out of hand each year. Waste is harming wildlife, rivers, plants, and humans. I have come up with a solution to this global problem and reasons why we need it. My solution is to develop eco-friendly/edible silverware.
Biodegradable means to have the ability to decompose by bacteria and other living organisms. Biodegradable products are made out of natural plant materials like corn or sugarcane. I believe biodegradable products are a good way to reduce waste and keep our environment healthy, unlike plastic, which many products consist of. General everyday plastic is made out of oil, one of Earth’s limited resources. Oil takes up to three hundred million years to form. Also, oil-based products that are not reusable end up in one of the world’s many landfills, which can take up to one thousand years to decompose. Oil based products also can get washed into seas or oceans. Over time, the plastic products can release poisonous toxins, harming wildlife and polluting nearby rivers. Comparing biodegradable products to plastic products you can see that biodegradable products use up to seventy percent less carbon dioxide to produce than plastic products. It also only takes twelve weeks for biodegradable products to decompose.
Recycling waste is a simple answer to our problem, but instead, the shortage of waste treatment systems can
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