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How to Secure your Ecommerce Site against Hacking Attempts
Aiesha Hasan
Mar 02, 2017
E-commerce business continues to skyrocket and when there is money to be made, criminals are here to follow.
Online stores are the prime targets for cyber crimes. This is not new as the e-commerce websites are more lucrative for the cyber criminals. This is because e-commerce website process the customer’s money which is itself lucrative for the cyber criminals and secondly the transactions contain sensitive data of the customers that are directly associated with their credit cards, allowing various scams and frauds easier to make.
Your e-commerce website is not just a website you are running there, in fact, you are also responsible for your customer’s …show more content…

A password which has minimum characters along with symbols and numbers are harder for cybercriminals to breach into the e-commerce site from front-end.
Put up System Alert for Suspicious Activity: Set up system alert notice for multiple transactions done through same IP address. Similarly, online retailers can put up these alerts for multiple orders placed by the same person using different credit cards and phone numbers which are from different areas than billing addresses and orders where the receipt name is different from the card holder name.
Layer you E-commerce Security: Layering your security is one of the best ways to keep your e-business secure from cyber-attacks. Put up firewalls, an essential part in stopping cyber criminals before they can breach and get access to your critical and sensitive information.
You can add some more extra layers of security to your e-commerce site and the applications such as contact forms, login boxes and search query. These steps will ensure that your e-commerce site is protected from application-level attacks like SQL injections and XSS (Cross-site Scripting)
Security Training for Employees: Provide security training to employees and make them understand that they should never reveal private customer information on email or in chats as none of these methods are secure.
Make use of strict written protocols and policies and encourage employees to implement them.
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