Economic Factors Of Food Deserts

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This paper studies the economic factors of food deserts in America. Determining aspects of food store locations, supply and demand, food pricing, income, and consumer preferences are discussed as some of the economic causes of food deserts. Ten articles are used to support this paper with unique standpoints on this topic. Subjects that these articles examine are consumer demand, healthful food pricing, business opportunity costs, effects of low income, heterogeneity and homogeneity of food choices, and the effects of low income. This paper should demonstrate that food deserts result from supply and demand, income, determinability of food market locations, and demand preferences.

Keywords: Economic theory, Demand, Supply, Consumer Preferences, Poverty and low income, heterogeneity and homogeneity food

The Economical Causations of Food Deserts
Currently in America, people are faced with the problem of food insecurity and inadequate food resources. This social issue has forced people to succumb to food standards of low grocery store access and income instability of purchasing nutritious food. Aside from low income being a factor to people living in food deserts, there are also several economic factors that influence where food deserts occur. In this paper, the causes of food deserts are examined through the economic scope of determinability of supermarkets locations, supply and demand, and consumer preferences.
Defining Food Deserts
The U.S Department of

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