Economic Inequality in American Society

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The evidence that Krugman provides for economic inequality in American society rests on various factors. Firstly, there is the great and definite gap between rich and middle class with the wealthy, as Krugman shows in his picture, possess private planes, as well as own health care systems (concierge doctors), travel network, clubs, and separate economy, whilst middle class and poorer can no way afford such luxuries. Warren and Tyagi, too, found that the middle-class families were actually spending less on luxuries than they had in the 1980s and their falling into debt mainly reflected their desire to afford the schooling for their children that hey felt would give them the necessary edge in life. The upper class had no problem in this area and is able to continue spending unrestrained by worries. A further piece of evidence is the study conducted by the National Center for Education Statistics (1988) which showed that socio-economic status and test score were associated with increasing student's chance of finishing college: "Students who scored in the bottom fourth on the exam, but came from families whose status put them in the top forth"¦ were more likely to finish college than students who scored in the top fourth but whose parents were in the bottom fourth" (p.591). In short, class in modern America trumps all else and, far more democratic, huge class differences prevail. I agree with Krugman's main point about the yawning and growing chasm between upper class and

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