Economics During the Years of Hitler Essay example

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Economics During the Years of Hitler

Adolf Hitler became leader of the Nazi Party in 1921; throughout the passing years he made various attempts to overthrow the Government. He became Chancellor in 1933 and his main aims included tackling depression and restoring full employment in Germany. Another key ambition Hitler had was to prepare Germany for a next possible war.

Hitler took position as Chancellor in Germany in 1933, just after the Great Depression between 1929, when the Wall Street Crash hit America’s stock market, until 1932. Therefore he took over at a time when Germany looked economically weak, bitter and still blaming America and Europe for their financial problems. The reparations …show more content…

It wasn’t the Nazi Party who initiated Anti-Semitism, for centuries Christians had persecuted the Jewish Religion and it’s followers. Hitler was influenced by the work of Charles Darwin who had a theory that, in a society or environment, the stronger races would dominate but the weaker races would struggle to survive. The Jewish community lost out by Hitler’s rule as SA members were instructed to terrorise individual Jews, damage Synogogs and boycott their businesses.

Another group of Germans that lost out due to the rise and success of the Nazi’s was the Communists. As Nazi opposition, Hitler was eager to promote them negatively, for example the Reich Stag Fire in 1933, as a consequence the Communists were banned and made illegal. As well as showing how the Communists were discriminated against, it also demonstrates how Hitler abused Article 48 to gain power.

Married women also partly lost out due to the repercussions of Hitler’s changes. The wife of the couple was required to give up her job, which would reduce her independence as she relies on her husband for a regular income. On the other hand, it can be said that some married women benefited from Hitler as tax concessions and welfare payments were given to fertile families and a quarter of the loan was cancelled for every baby born but this would only be an advantage if you were fertile and could conceive

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