Economy in Ancient Greece Essay

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Slaves, woman and men had different jobs to do in the community. Slavery was an important part of ancient Greek civilization. Slaves didn’t only work as domestic servants but also as factory workers, shopkeepers, mine workers, farm workers, and as a ship’s crew; They could be found just about every were. There were many ways a person might become a slave. They could have been born as a slave, token as a prisoner in a battle abandoned as an infant. Another way if the family needed money, they might sell one of their children into slavery. If this was done, they usually sold the daughter because the sons were needed to help out with the chores or on the farm. The price of the slave would depend on their appearances, age and attitude. If the …show more content…
Slaves, woman, and men had different parts of the community, and they are all important in every way. Farming, Pottery and Metalwork was a very important part of economy in ancient Greece. Farming was difficult in ancient Greece due to the limited amount of good soil and cropland. It was estimated that only twenty percent of the land was usable for growing crops. Most farms were small with four or five acres of land. The farmers grew enough food to support their families and, at times, they grew small extra crops to sell at the local market. There were some very large farms run by managers while the owner lived in the city. Ancient Greeks main crops were barley, grapes, and olives, but Barley was the main crop for the ancient Greek farmers. Barley and wheat were planted in October and harvested around April or May. They made the barley into porridge or beat it into flour to make bread. Olives were harvested in November through February, along with the grapes normally picked in September. Olives were turned into Olive oil and was used for cooking oil or in oil lamps. Grapes were primarily used for wine production, although they could be eaten or dried into raisins. The Greeks watered down wine, mixing one part of wine with two parts of water. Drinking wine straight was considered cruel. In ancient Greek pottery was based on selecting the clay, fashioning the vase, drying and painting, baking it, and applying varnish. Part of the production went to domestic

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