Athenian Women: An Inferior Society Essay

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In ancient Greece, there was one dominant city-state, or Polis as the ancient Greeks called it, and this was Athens. It was a beautiful society that enjoyed art and literature very much and valued things like wholeness and excellence. However, one thing the Athenians did not value was women. They were deemed inferior by men, and treated more as a decoration rather than a human being.

Athenian women spent most of their lives in their home unless they were poor and had to help the husband with work preforming skills such as farming, crafting or a similar trade. In Athens, it was a status symbol for women to have very white, pale skin to show that they were so upscale that they never had to leave their house to make any income. Some women …show more content…

Women however, were not allowed to attend school. Women stayed at home and learned the trades of 
housekeeping and parenting, although a few prosperous families hired private tutors to educate their daughters. There were even a handful of very wise and educated Athenian women! Even though select women could be educated, there was one thing Athenian women could never do, no matter how wealthy they were. This was to be a citizen.

Only men could be citizens. To be a citizen, you had to not only be a man, but also be financially secure as well as you had to be born in Athens and so did both of your parents. Women were forbidden to be citizens, along with slaves, foreigners and children, or anyone else who did not meet the proper criteria. To be a citizen meant you had the right to vote, since Athens was a democratic society. However a woman not being able to vote does not make Athens a true democratic society. Sadly this was not the only right women did not have.

Athenian women in the ancient times were not treated as fairly as they should have been. The human race have learned from the mistakes of the Ancient Greeks, and women are now much more evolved and have equal rights to men in most cultures, with the exception of a few underdeveloped third world countries. Humans study history to ensure they learn from their mistakes. Humans are still striving for equality, and one day they

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