Ecstasy And The Rave Culture Essay

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Ecstasy And The Rave Culture

Society today is at its most technologically advanced state with very modernized ways of living, and no doubt these technological advances will continue to grow. As a result drugs and chemicals are far more readily available than ever before in history, especially those of illegal drugs (J.Davies & N.Coggans (1991) P.6). This has led to an increase in recreational drug use (drug taking for pleasure). This clearly has implications for health issues as drugs don't only create physical health issues but can cause emotional problems, tension, destruction of families, financial difficulties, no-go areas of crime and so on, these alone can become health problems as stress …show more content…

They are often stronger and less predictable in their side effects than that of the original controlled substance (Smith & Smith (1990) P.401). Within this group of drugs are those called designer dance drugs. These are often associated with raves, clubs, bars etc and are accepted by many youngsters, as they can often help to form relaxation and pleasure (D.Emmett & G.Nice (1996) P.8).

A common designer dance drug of today is that of ecstasy (MDMA). Ecstasy is a modified version of the hallucinogenic amphetamine (Smith & Smith (1990) P.400). According to the oxford dictionary (1986) the definition of ecstasy is 'an overwhelming feeling of joy'.

Ecstasy is by no means a new drug. It was first discovered in Germany in 1910 by a chemist and was used as an appetite suppressant. Ecstasy has been used by a number of different groups. For example ecstasy was given to soldiers in World War 2 to help them deal with tiredness and stress and has also been used by mountaineers, racing cyclists and sportsmen. Lorry drivers have also been known to take the drug to tackle long journeys without sleep (Drug Scenes, 1987).

However, it wasn't until the 1970's that the drug acquired its name (ecstasy). Ecstasy was introduced to the UK in the eighties and became well known with those involved in dance and acid house music and more recently has been associated with the rave culture and is connected

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