Ecuador Descriptive Writing

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I woke up today at around 6 in the morning to get to the airport. My spouse and I loaded the luggage in the car and we were on our way. Somehow we managed to arrive, although I was still half asleep. A few months earlier, we purchased a $1,420 combined total for two tickets, which included a tour around the Galapagos Islands. We handed the tickets to the flight attendant and boarded the plane. It would be an exhausting 7 and a half hour flight from California to our stop in Ecuador, but both of us had saved up our hard earned money for this trip, so we were excited for what it had in store. We just got dropped off by the bus at a spot by the beach. It is so different compared to the beaches in California. For one, the water is not nearly …show more content…

The waters are crystal clear, as blue as the sky above. Within the waters, my spouse found colorful fishes, sputtering at the sight of us, the foreigners on their terrain. We watched them jump, until from the corner of my eye a 479 pound beauty crept along the rich land. Me and my wife stared in awe. It crawled slowly among the little bugs inhabiting the ground. I took long, quiet steps towards it, thinking it would take off. But suddenly, the tortoise's eyes met mine. She stared blankly at me, at my stunned face. My wife, followed behind me as we looked deeply at the khaki, fairly large tortoise as she buried herself into a wide hole flooded with thick sand. As she climbed down, at least a foot deep in the ground, me and my spouse continued on with our adventure. Every animal we encountered was like a gateway into a brand new world. Such creativity was put into every animal. We wandered for miles, my wife and I. As the day grew into evening, yet again we found ourselves with same pellucid water as we did before. My spouse and I, remembered the amazing creature we encountered earlier. We approached the hole that the Galapagos tortoise had disinterred in to. I picked up a stick and pushed the moist sand to the edge of the hole. And what I saw, I couldn't believe my eyes. We stared into the hole, smiling and infused with joy. A white sphere, much like the full moon, laying plainly on the sand. A dozen golf-ball sized figures soon to be lifeforms before my

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