Reflection Paper About Travel To America

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This year, I went on a 3-week voyage to China and returned to America with plenty of new knowledge. The following story describes it in detail.

Preface: In our house, we were putting all the gifts, everyday items, etc. in our bulky suitcases. At that moment, we were ready as a family to drive to Los Angeles and fly in a plane to 北京 then domestically transfer to 西安. Well, it turns out that the process was going to be exceedingly harder than I thought. We not far-off through the road later in the car, we had to go back and check something in our house. After checking, I rested in the car, hoping nothing would go out of hand. Arriving to the massive parking lot garage, we came to park in a spot we rented. Since we could not find our parking space, we just decided to stumble upon whatever our car fits in and isn’t reserved; though it took ages. We were rushing to the shuttle stop while being stressed out that we are going to miss both planes. Thankfully, a hotel manager called a taxi to arrive and drive us to the LAX international airport. Arriving, we handed over $25.00 to the taxi he requested and appeared 30 minutes before boarding. 30 mediocre minutes later, we were at the point of boarding our plane. In the plane, I was disappointed by the poor quality of the entertainment. At least it was only 12 hours and 40 minutes of the boredom. In the plane, it was difficult to lay my hands on a movie that is worth the watch.
Though there were some movies and TV shows that were at

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