Edgar Allan Poe And The Romanticism Movement

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Edgar Allan Poe Research Paper Poe was an enormous part of the Romanticism movement, and he altered the way of Romantic writing, by starting his own style called the Dark Romantics. Although he had great success, Poe’s life was a never ending nightmare of pain, and sorrow, giving him much inspiration for his works. Poe’s life of tragic events helped him become a big writer in the Dark Romantics, as many of his works can demonstrate, like the poems of “Annabel Lee” and “ To My Mother”. At the young age of just two years old, Poe’s mother died from Tuberculosis, his father then decided to abandon his family, and left. It is also said that his father died just a few days after from once agian, Tuberculosis. Next Poe was then sent to live with the Allen family, where he became very close with his step mother. Unfortunately for Poe his step mother also died from the life taking disease, Tuberculosis. Poe, although the many hardships in his life, had always wrote stories and poems, ever since he was a kid. When he was older he decided to enroll in college, but he got himself into major college debt, and to pay off this debt he began to gamble. Gambling did not work out for the young Poe, and he actually put himself into more of a debt, to where he had to drop out, and join the army. After his service he did marry his 13 year old cousin in private, and began to write many poems of the Dark Romantics. Although his poems are a big success today, they were not back then. Most

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