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Edna St. Vincent Millay

Her career that spanned three decades and her work that ranges from lyrics to verse play and political commentary. Edna St. Vincent Millay is mostly known for her earlier works, such as "Renascence", Few Figs Thistles, and Second April. Millay wrote about things such as mystical views on the universe, god, death, celebration of feminism, and free love. It's almost as if she was a writer from today and with that, I believe that she would be comfortable with today's free America. Edna St. Vincent Millay was born in Rockland, Maine on February 2, 1892. She was the first daughter of three girls; her parents, Cora Buzzelle Millay and Henry Tolman Millay. Millay's parents divorced in 1900 and her mother …show more content…

At this time Millay and her sister Norma moved to Greenwich Village in New York where Millay tried to make a living in acting(Millay par. 5). In the Village, Millay found a new side of herself and was for women's rights and free love, which made living life to the absolute fullest. James Gray writes," For two decades of her ever-rising popularity--the twenties and thirties of the century--she seemed to personify the spirit of time: it's exuberance, it's defiance of conversation, it's determination to discover and to declare a sharply defined identity" (Gray;Press 5). It's was also often pointed out Millay's numerous love affairs as well as the all-night parties and their customary drinking. She soon found out that this was not the easy life, for financially she, again was not doing well. Millay would find in today's America the people do experiment, not everyone, but sometimes that's the only way to find themselves. In Millay's case, these experiences helped her write some of her best poems and plays, because she wrote about reality. Also, it was rumored that Millay had encounters with the same sex and was criticized for her experiments, if that to be true; she would be pleased with today's America and how were fighting and trying to get used to the fact of "free love". Millay returned to writing and stuck with it. She was a prolific writer with more than fifteen

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