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  • My Vassar College Id Makes Everything Okay By Claudia Rankine

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    others may be harmed by it. In the essays “My Vassar College ID Makes Everything Okay” by Kiese Laymon and “The Meaning of Serena Williams” by Claudia Rankine, the authors analyze how people react to racism in their lives. Along with the analysis, both authors also looks at how those perpetrating racism react to the effects of it. In “My Vassar College ID Makes Everything Okay” by Kiese Laymon, Laymon evaluates how the racism in both his and college students’ lives have influenced them, while “The

  • The Importance Of Discovering Vassar College

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    At times, we may find that the universe speaks to us. At other times, it howls, blares sirens, and lights the skies of our minds with a firework display. Discovering Vassar College was anything but coincidence; I can still hear the chiming echo of my fate calling as clear as day. I was first introduced to Vassar by an exemplary woman whom I’ve grown to cherish and admire: Elizabeth Bishop. Looking back on the day I was randomly assigned Bishop for an extensive poetry project in my AP Literature and

  • Essay about Elizabeth Bishop's One Art

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    During her senior year at Vassar, she began publishing her own short stories and poems in literary journals. In her last semester she met poet Marianne Moore who was “her first literary mentor… [and]…whose work she had admired,” (Hamilton, 2). She graduated from Vassar in 1934 as an English Major. By 1950, Bishop had received the Guggenheim Fellowship, was appointed Consultant in Poetry at the

  • Essay about Edna St. Vincent Millay

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    Edna St. Vincent Millay Her career that spanned three decades and her work that ranges from lyrics to verse play and political commentary. Edna St. Vincent Millay is mostly known for her earlier works, such as "Renascence", Few Figs Thistles, and Second April. Millay wrote about things such as mystical views on the universe, god, death, celebration of feminism, and free love. It's almost as if she was a writer from today and with that, I believe that she would be comfortable with today's

  • Symbolism In The Convergence Of The Twain By Thomas Hardy

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    Often times in poetry, authors use metaphors and imagery to relate thematic elements in their writing to significant components of their personal life or general human nature. Frequently, poets use their writing as a vehicle to subtly narrate their inner struggles or personal conflicts to the audience. In the poem “The Convergence of the Twain,” author Thomas Hardy introduces the harsh relationship between human vanity and the formidable power of nature. Due to Hardy’s upbringing in rural England

  • Vassar College Women Wear Gym Attire

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    shirtwaist with skirts became fashionable for college women to wear outside, wearing gym suit outfits outside the gymnasium was not acceptable. The loose fitting, functional but unfashionable gym uniforms were only allowed when other women were present. No men were permitted to see a woman in a gym uniform and without a corset on her waist. Hence, women’s colleges like Vassar College had gym costumes since the 1860s or earlier and updated the attire. The two Vassar student Adelaide Mansfield described her

  • Maria Mitchell 's Views On Women

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    hard-working and determined, and therefore went on to be the first women elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the American Philosophical Society, and the first professor hired at Vassar College. This proved to women that females have the capability and capacity to do the same as men. “Do let us have equal rights for

  • Margaret F. Washburn : An American Psychologist Whose Work For Vassar College

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    on July 25th, 1871 in New York, NY, Margaret Floy Washburn is known as an American psychologist whose work for Vassar College made it a nationally renowned institution in undergraduate studies (Abhinav, 2012). Education Beginning college at the age of sixteen, with primary studies in philosophy and science, Washburn quickly became a member of the Kappa Alpha Theta Sorority at Vassar College (Abhinav, 2012). She pursued graduate studies with James McKeen Cattell, an establisher of a new laboratory of

  • Reflective Essay: Vassar High School

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    I think Vassar first came on my radar because of my Latin teacher. Along with being my eclectic Latin instructor, Mr. Gnolfo was also my softball coach for two years. After observing that he wore his Vassar baseball cap almost every practice and listening to many of his anecdotes about his old days on the baseball diamond on the way to the field, I just felt like I had to research the school a bit. Now, I come from a very small, independent school in Rhode Island. With only a total of thirty-four

  • Vassar Classroom Observation Report

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    My phone rings. “I got into Vassar!” my brother exclaims. “Vassar?” I respond. That was three years ago. Fortunately for me, I now know about Vassar College and I have seen first-hand how Vassar promotes growth by intertwining a diverse student body with dedicated professors. During my first visit in late October of 2015, I stayed with my brother in his dorm for a weekend. While I formally met the campus through a student-led tour, I found that I truly got to know it after I ate cafeteria pizza for