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Sports Coaching: School-­‐Aged Children

Alex Rabczak

What is quality coaching for the youth athlete?

30th March 2015


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What is quality coaching for the youth?

Outline why quality coaching is important for
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11). However there are a large number of parent coaches and adolescent coaches who volunteer their time and are unfortunately under qualified. Generally, under qualified sporting coaches will coach the way they were coached, take experiences from being coached or adapt techniques seen in movies or sporting documentaries (Lockwood & Perlman, 2008, p. 30). This generally causes coaches to take an authoritarian approach that for children aged between five and 12 is ineffective and may cause children to lose interest as well as confidence (Hedstrom & Gould, 2004; Lockwood & Perlman, 2008).

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Compare and contrast the ideas of quality coaching.

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