Educating Children As An Individual

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“This is a generation [that] when they were 10, 11 years old, we took their [Halloween] candy to the hospital for X-rays and we started putting missing kids on milk cartons, so we were trying to scare them, and we did,” McCullough says. Consequently, in scaring the children society has created a classroom of students who are not sure as to who they are. Mainly, this is due to the fact that their parents have been “protecting” which is more or less micro-managing their every move and children have become unable to think for themselves. because the world in which they live in has become center stage of their parents plan. Keeping this in mind it is even more important for educators to develop the child as an individual. In essence educators today, have a complicated role in which they have to assist in the development of the student as an individual, while adapting to the diverse needs, styles and cultures in which the he/she is from to create independent thinkers. How does this work play out with the ideal of racism? Since, “racism and other forms of discrimination are based on perception that one ethnic group, class, gender, or language is superior to all groups” (Canestrati, Marlowe, 43). One must conclude, the foresight an educator must have is how to promote less superior groups to create a sense of pride, in a way that students, who have been told or taught they are better, are in fact not. It is a delicate blend of teaching life lessons that all will

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