Education And Education : The Importance Of Education

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Schools should focus on teaching students skills they need and instead of focusing on giving information with the sole intent of passing tests.

An education should involve learning life skills that a person will carry with them after High School and College in order to navigate relationships and careers and be a well-rounded, successful person.
Although many students may leave school with the knowledge required to calculate the speed of a plane flying from France to Texas in 7 hours, most leave unable to do their own taxes.
School prepares students for life, and in life, people need jobs. We get jobs by applying for them. You see where this is going. Yes, it’s really easy to Google “cover letter,” cut out a few sentences of generic bragging and paste them into a Word document with your name on it.But if you write your own job application materials without copying from an site or hiring a professional writer, you’ll get a lot further. However, this is not a trade that is often taught in schools and because of the fact, teenagers both in and outside of school are thrust into the world unprepared and without the knowledge, they need to acquire jobs they may potentially be more than qualified for.
The importance of handling money responsibly is obviously valuable. Accounting, finance, and business classes do explain accounting procedures, financing arrangements, and business structures, but do not focus much on personal finances, saving or

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