Education And Society And The American Dream

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Education can be defined as the process of receiving or giving systematic instruction, especially at a school or University. For many education is seen as an enlightening experience and one they can grow from. For others it is seen as a necessity or something they are obligated to have. It can be seen as It has always been stated that a nation’s brilliance and ability to prosper is directly dependent upon its people’s educations. Without someone continuing to open one’s mind and allowing oneself to be taught can cause a person to be ignorant and frozen in time. The study of several civilizations throughout history has revealed the importance of education as it applies to society including its economic growth. America prominently values …show more content…

In the south the Anglican Church was mostly established in the south. Single working class people formed a large part of the population in the early years after arriving as indentured servants. The planter class did not support public education but arranged for private tutors for their children, and even sent some to England at certain ages to further education.
In the south residents centered on the Chesapeake Bay, created some basic schools early in the colonial period. In the late 17th century some basic schools early in the colonial period. In the late 17th century Maryland, the Catholic Jesuits operated some schools for Catholic students. Generally the planter class hired tutors for the education of their children or sent them to private schools. During the colonial years, some sent their sons to England or Scotland for schooling. In the deep south schooling was carried on by primarily private venture teachers and a hodgepodge of publicly funded projects. By 1770, many were taught by ministers. After the American Revolution, Georgia and South Carolina tried to start small public universities. Wealthy families sent their sons North to college. In Georgia public county academics for white students became more common, and after 1811 South Carolina opened a few free common schools to teach reading, writing and arithmetic to whites.
Republican governments during the Reconstruction era established the first public school systems to be supported by taxes.

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