The American Dream and Education Essay

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Reza Ameli

The American Dream and Education What we call the American Dream, the founding fathers called the pursuit of happiness. The American Dream is built on the promise that individuals from all walks of life can find success and prosperity here. It shapes from our opinions, desires, interests, cultures, geographical locations, and religions. Some presume the dream of becoming an engineer, a medical doctor, an athlete, a politician, or even maybe following their father’s footsteps and carrying on the family tradition of owning a restaurant. Sometimes, achieving this success is associated with the conception of receiving an education, especially a college education. The common debate of today’s society has always been whether
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Colleges give students the opportunity to research and study their preferred subjects in depth. In college, the majority of students are required to take a number of courses, which are known as general education. They expose students to the fundamental ideas of life and intellectual activities. These courses provide diverse perspectives on how human beings think and feel, solve problems, express ideas, create, and discover new knowledge. They also help students achieve the skills essential to deliver reasoned and persuasive arguments both orally and in writing, and identify, acquire and use the knowledge to solve problems. Whether you want to pursue a career in the medical field, engineering, humanities, art, or sociology you need to take these courses to earn a college degree, because they intend to deliver the basic life coaching skills to students that is necessary in life. Education provides students with the understanding of the ideas, cultural movements and informed decision making, which enables them to live a successful life. On the contrary, people without a college education are unlikely to earn the life’s coaching skills and necessary knowledge to live a successful life. Mary E. William in her book Education: Opposing View Points argues, “What is a society like without civility, honesty, considerateness, and self-discipline? Without a population educated to civility, educated to be
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