Differences Between The Colonies Of New England And The Southern Region

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The differences between the colonies of New England and the southern region were stark. First, the settlers who immigrated to the new world had different reasons for doing so. South Carolina was established as a buffer zone between other English colonies and the Spanish colonies in Florida. Georgia was founded for an even more interesting reason. In England, there were many social problems including lewdness, drunkenness, and various sexual sins. Also, those in the upper class who found themselves unable to pay back their loans were sent to debtor’s prisons. Georgia was intended to be a place for those people to get a new start, however, most of the colonists who ended up there were poor farmers. On the other hand, the colonies of New England were set up primarily for religious reasons. Although there were some that sought profit in New England, most settlers sought liberty and freedom of worship. English separatists, who vehemently disagreed with the way the Church of England was set up, left Holland and came to America on the Mayflower. They landed in modern Massachusetts and established the Plymouth Colony. Rhode Island was also founded on a religious basis after Roger Williams and his fellow dissenters were exiled from Massachusetts. It became a haven for Quakers, Jews, Baptists and members of other minority religions.
A second difference in the colonies of the southern region and of New England comes in the basis of their economies. South Carolina was focusing on

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